Amputations & Loss of Limbs

Car accidents, construction site accidents and medical malpractice can result in the loss of a leg, an arm, a hand, a finger and other body extremities.  When people lose limbs, not only does their physical appearance change, but so does their entire lifestyle. Amputations can have a permanent impact on a person’s career and possible work opportunities.  It can also drastically change a person’s quality of life by preventing the pursuit of a person’s favorite activities or hobbies. Even ordinary activities in daily life are impacted by the impairment of mobility or function.

Because losing a limb is a permanent disability, it can lead to a lifetime of rehabilitation and physical assistance.  Ongoing medical treatment and care may include rehabilitation, prosthesis, wheelchairs, and in-home care.  There may also need to be handicap modifications to homes and cars.  All of these expenses are costly and can create a financial burden on the victim and their families.  Those costs are usually compounded with lost wages, physical pain and suffering, and significant psychological and emotional damages.

For the past several years, insurance companies have resisted fairly compensating injured persons for the full extent of their injuries.  Quantifying the injury involves adding up all the expenses including quality of life that are necessary to return the injured party to full function plus the amount equal to the loss of the body part.  In order to ensure our clients recover full and fair compensation for their injuries we show the jury the complete picture, so they can understand both the financial and emotional effects involved in the loss of a limb. 

At Fisher Stark, P.A. our compassionate personal injury attorneys understand the impact that a loss of a limb has on a person’s life.  Our goal is to relieve some of your stress and anxiety by helping you recover past and future medical expenses, pain and suffering damages, and loss of the use of the body part.  We will work diligently for you and advise you on how to protect your legal rights. 

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