Good Samaritan Laws

When an event occurs and there is a medical emergency, sometimes untrained persons will provide help.  When acting with good intentions the Good Samaritan Law in North Carolina generally protects those individuals that offer assistance.  Most Good Samaritan laws are created specifically for the general public.  The law assumes that there is no medically trained person available to assist the victim.  Typically the Good Samaritan does not have medical training and the law protects him or her from being liable for injury or death caused to the victim during the emergency.  The intent of Good Samaritan laws is to make it possible for those wary of lawsuits to help save a person without fear of legal recourse if the person is hurt by the treatment or dies.

Some Good Samaritan Laws also protect trained medical professionals like nurses and firefighters.  As long as the medical personnel are following normal procedures they too will be protected.

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