Hidden Toy Hazards

Toys can be fun, educational and even help our children with growth and development.   As parents we trust that the toys we give our children are safe.   In reality, hazardous toys are sold in stores across the country every day and many innocent children are injured.  Dangerous toys can cause serious and even fatal injuries.  Here are some of the most common toy hazards:

  1. Small parts and pieces are a choking hazard.  Toys should be clearly marked as possibly containing small pieces.  Small pieces can also break off of toys like eyes and noses on stuffed animals or wheels on cars and trucks.
  2. Balloons are a choking hazard.  Small pieces can be torn off if they’re chewed on and can get caught in the airway.
  3. Loud Noises can cause hearing damage.  There are regulations about noise limit, but test it on yourself first; if it’s too loud for you it’s definitely too loud for a child.
  4. Strings and cords on toys can cause strangulation if used improperly.
  5. Motorized driving toys are more dangerous than they seem.  Although they drive on the sidewalk and it seems like they’re going pretty slow, crashing at even 4 miles per hour can cause injury. Make sure these toys are age appropriate and used with proper supervision.
  6. Lead-Based Paint can cause lead poisoning.  If ingested lead poisoning can brain damage and even death in children.
  7. Battery-operated toys can overheat and cause the battery acid to leak.  Electrical toys may cause shock or fire. Dispose of batteries safely.
  8. Makeup Kits with eye shadows, lip glosses and nail polishes can contain toxic chemicals or pose allergen risks. 
  9. Hand-me-down toys may not meet today’s safety standards. Check to make sure there are no recalls and that the toy is safe.

Toys must be age appropriate.  It’s also important to read all warning labels.  Most of all use your careful judgment when choosing toys for your child.

When a dangerous or defective toy causes injury a products liability claim may exist.  Products liability falls under personal injury law.  It is a very complex area of the law; the toy could have a manufactured defect, design defect or improper warning label.

If you believe that your child was severely injured by a dangerous toy, you want to know two things:  First, why this injury occurred and second, what can be done to prevent injury to other children.  Contact the Buncombe County products liability attorneys at Fisher Stark, P.A. as soon as possible.  Our experienced dangerous toy lawyers can assist you in evaluating your case and provide you with legal advice and possible representation. Our personal injury attorneys may be able to help answer these fundamental questions.  Call today for a free case evaluation, 828.505.4300.

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