Keeping a Personal Injury Diary

An attorney’s job is to show the true nature and extent of your injuries during a personal injury trial.  Your suffering may reach beyond the medical records and you will want to explain that in vivid detail.  Keeping a personal injury diary or journal can be a great way to keep track of your injury, progression and other significant events related to the injury.  You can use a calendar or notebook to keep these records.  Here are some elements you may want to keep track of:

  1. Date and Event references:  This includes dates that you visited the doctor, had X-rays, returned to work, began rehabilitation, pain flair-ups, and missed activities because of the injury.  It can also be helpful to track the dates of when you began and stopped taking medications for your injury, as well as dates of your health progression.
  2. Affect on your life:  Your injury has probably changed your life in many ways and explaining those affects (what you are able to do and not able to do) in detail can paint a clearer picture of your suffering.  Describe how the injury has affected your work, activities and overall daily living.  This can include affects on housework, hobbies, work life, and even the simplest activities like getting out of bed and getting dressed.  Show changes in your role as a husband, wife or parent.   Includes not only your physical restraints but how this has affected your mood and personality.
  3. Pain & Suffering:  Make an account of the pain you are experiencing.  This can start at the time of the crash or event and continue thereafter.  There are ways to describe the pain like shooting, throbbing, etc.  You can also use “on the scale of 1 to 10”, to describe your discomfort level.  10 representing the highest level of pain, and 1 representing very mild pain.
  4. Expenses:  The value of your lawsuit is also influenced by the medical and legal expenses you incur.  It is of great help if you keep all your receipts and records as this will help your attorney avoid any possible error or inaccuracy.  This includes keeping any canceled checks and a list of expenses.  When handed over to us we will then organize and keep track of them for you.  These records will be needed during trial.

Keep in mind that a personal injury diary constitutes notes to your attorney to help track the events related to your injury, not a diary of thoughts and “rants,” or anything else that may be unrelated to your injury.

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