Lead Hazard Product Recalls

We are barely into 2012 and a children’s product has already been recalled.  On January 5, 2012 the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission recalled Children’s Chairs and Stools by Elegant Gifts Mart due to violation of lead paint standards.  The product was sold exclusively in Puerto Rico. 

Lead is a poisonous metal found in the earth.  For a long time we didn’t know how hazardous lead was and we used it in paint, gasoline, plumbing and more.  Excessive levels of lead show up more and more in our children’s toys in paint and jewelry.  Our children are more at risk from lead poisoning than we are.  Because they like to put their hands, toys, and other things in their mouths it raises their chances of swallowing lead dust and paint chips. Childrens’ bodies are growing quickly and are more affected by lead. Only a tiny amount of lead is needed to harm a young, growing child. 

Lead poisoning is very serious.  When the levels of lead in our blood rise it can affect our organs and bones, and even worse our brains.  It affects growth, behavior and ability to learn.

If your child has been exposed to a product with excessive levels of lead you could have a products liability claim.  The manufacturers or retailers of that product can be held accountable for your child’s injuries.  It is their responsibility to test their products for lead levels and if they fail to do so their negligence is intolerable.  The attorneys at Fisher Stark, P.A. are experienced personal injury lawyers, and can help you get just compensation.  

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