Major Product Recalls of 2011

Consumer products are recalled every year in the U.S. and it was no different in 2011.  We can have as many regulations in place as we want but we can’t prevent human error.  And all companies are still the same; they just want to make a profit. 

Here’s a list of products recalled in 2011 and the reasons for the recalls:

  • Bicycles made by Advance Group:  Brakes
  • Metal futon bunk beds made by Big Lots:  Risk of asphyxiation caused when futon was lowered
  • Beaded curtains made by Tween Brands:  Risk of strangulation
  • “Troy the Activity Trucks” made by Infantino:  Choking hazard
  • Sandals made by Circo Aloma:  Choking hazard
  • Craft jewelry made by American Girl:  Lead levels
  • Infant bed sleeper made by Arm’s Reach Concepts:  Risk of infant entrapment
  • Soft dolls made by Pottery Barn:  Strangulation hazard
  • Clothing made by My Michelle:  Decorative trim lead levels
  • Bicycles made by Bridgeway:  Chain design
  • “Load ‘n Go Wagons” made by Mattel:  Laceration hazard
  • Wooden swing set made by Adventure Playsets:  Rot risk
  • Child booster seat made by Circo:  Buckles

It’s a good idea to check the list of recalls before buying a product.  gives an up to date list of products that are subject to inquiry or recall.  Please share the site and the information available with any friend or family member making a purchase.  Let’s keep our families safe in 2012.

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