May is National Youth Traffic Safety Month

The summer is almost here, and teenagers across the country can’t wait for summer break.  It’s also prom and graduation time.  All these distractions can lead teenagers to make poor decisions behind the wheel that can ultimately lead to disastrous circumstances. Law enforcement agencies across the country are constantly working to improve traffic safety and reduce the number of accidents, thereby resulting in fewer injuries and fatalities on our roadways. With May being National Youth Traffic Safety Month, awareness is heightened to the fact that car accidents are the #1 killer of American teenagers.

Accidents involving teen drivers can usually be attributed to youth and inexperience behind the wheel.  Teens are more likely to be involved in car wrecks than any other age group.  Their inexperience shows when they speed, tailgate, choose not to wear seatbelts, and fail to recognize dangerous road situations.   Teenagers are easily distracted by other friends in the car and by their cell phones.   All these behaviors are risky on their own, but are often combined by teenagers. 

National Youth Traffic Safety Month is a good time to talk to your teenagers about safe driving.  Companies and organizations across the country will also be holding events, contests and promotions to raise awareness about the dangers teens and children face on the road.

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