Simple Injection May Save People Dying from Brain Injury

Tranexamic Acid has the potential to prevent people dying from brain injury according to an article on ScienceDaily

The British Medical Journal conducted The CRASH-2 Intracranial Bleeding Study highlighting the potential of the cheap, off-patent drug to help people suffering from brain trauma.

The results of the test provide strong grounds to test the effectiveness of this treatment in a larger and more definitive study.  To test the reliability of Tranexamic acid in patients with head injury they will be conducting the CRASH-3 trial.

Brain injuries have few treatment options.  A head injury can cause bleeding in the brain, which in turn causes brain damage.  Tranexamic Acid reduces clot breakdown leading researchers to believe that the drug could help reduce bleeding into the brain and hopefully improve patients’ outcomes.

The CRASH-2 Study was the first to evaluate the effect of tranexamic acid on head injury patients.  It involved 270 adult trauma patients with, or at risk of, significant extracranial bleeding within 8 hours of injury.  The results were promising, showing that the patients who received the drug were less likely to have bleeding progression, survive more and with less disability.

“Although the results are not definitive they provide hope about the potential effectiveness of this simple drug for head injury patients.  If such an inexpensive and widely practicable treatment were found to improve patient outcomes after head injury this would have major implications for clinical care,” said Dr. Pablo Perel, who is based in the Clinical Trials Unit at LSHTM.

The attorneys at Fisher Stark, P.A. thank and recognize Dr. Perel for his work with Tranexamic acid to help persons with traumatic brain injuries.  We look forward to reviewing the results the results of the CRASH-3 Study.  As attorneys who work with and represent persons with brain injuries we are excited about this medical advance.  If you or a loved one have experienced a brain injury call the attorneys at Fisher Stark, P.A. at 828.505.4300.

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