The Importance of Eye Witnesses in Car Accidents

When a car accident occurs the experience may be so overwhelming that it’s hard to remember what to do next. Hopefully no ones been seriously injured, and the vehicles are not damaged beyond repair. There are some very important details that are easy to forget, one of which is the eye witness.

Most of the time the physical evidence resulting from the car wreck is enough to prove fault. When it isn’t, however, then the testimony of a witness can offer an important perspective. Witnesses could be other drivers, pedestrians, and residents from the area. Get as much information from as many witnesses as you can. Important information like:

  • Telephone number
  • Home address
  • Full legal name
  • Their account of what happened
  • Getting a detailed and signed written statement from the witness can really help your case. And in today’s electronic world you could easily get a video statement on your cell phone.

    For Witnesses:

    If you’ve witnessed a car accident, stay at the scene and offer your information. Giving your account to an investigating officer may help resolve the matter so that it doesn’t have to go to court, and in turn saving everyone time and money.

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