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As attorneys, our clients come to us because they want answers. Our clients come to us with severe or disabling injuries. The brain is the only organ in the body that does not regrow. The survivors of the traumatically brain injured are not only faced with a tragedy to a loved one, but they also have to pick up all the pieces. They want to know two things: How did this happen; and how can we prevent this from happening to someone else?

Victims of brain injuries and their families face unique, life-altering issues, making this an incredibly complex area of medicine and law. These clients need timely and effective advice that not only addresses the complex medical and legal issues involved, but also the significant human elements.

Time is a critical battlefield, and the most important thing to focus on is treatment for the brain injury victim. But while the injury lasts a lifetime, there is only a limited time to find third-party funding and to hold responsible those who contributed to it. Finding those sources of funding is critical to the injured and their loved ones.

Rapid attention must be given to the facts and circumstances giving rise to the injury. All too often information relating to the cause becomes lost or obscured as time between the injury and investigation passes. If there was avoidable neglect that caused the injury it should be pursued as swiftly as possible.

As a result, those suffering the effects of traumatic brain injury need legal representation every bit as specialized as the medical care they seek. They should expect their attorney to be familiar with the brain, the neurological system and the various effects and types of brain injury, and to have the resources to conduct a proper investigation into the causes and increase the chances for success.

At Fisher Stark, P.A. traumatic brain injury law is perhaps the area of the law to which we are closest and most dedicated. We are selective about our traumatic brain injury cases, allowing us to devote the maximum amount of time and effort to defend the injured and not the insurance company. Our attorneys have personal interest in the too often understated plights of victims of traumatic brain injuries and their families, and have extensive experience providing legal representation for those people.

We provide assistance in the following:

  • Ensuring that traumatic brain injuries are properly diagnosed
  • Helping the injured receive the treatment that is right for them
  • Determining who should pay for treatment and recovering those funds

Regardless of the type of traumatic brain injury, the earlier an expert Asheville traumatic brain injury lawyer can be contacted, the better they will be able to assist you in your traumatic brain injury matter. These cases often involve huge complexities, and so-so representation just won’t do. Our North Carolina traumatic brain injury attorneys fight for the rights of the patient and of their families. We serve patients and families in Western North Carolina including Asheville, Fairview, Morganton, Swannanoa and Mars Hill. Contact us today to guarantee that someone who cares is working hard to get you the help you need.

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