What To Expect From Your Free Case Evaluation

If you or a loved one has been injured because of someone else’s negligence you may be able to take legal action to hold the party at fault accountable.  Someone else may be responsible for your medical expenses and personal losses. What You Can Expect From Us

It’s important to remember that you are not alone.  When you call us we will quickly respond to your inquiry.  When discussing your case we will determine whether you or your medical care team may be repaid by the person causing the harm.  If you do not have a case we will tell you.  We will not pose meritless claims or defenses. Any claims and defenses which we pose will be based on the law, rooted in solid evidence, and made in good faith. Legal responsibility is complicated and based on a number of factors, including: 

  • Did the other person fail to do something the law requires?
  • Did the other person do something which they should not have done?
  • Did the other person fail to honor their promises?

If you are injured and the law provides you relief, we will help you understand your legal rights and options, and answer your questions.  If we take your case you will never be handed off to an assistant, you will always have an attorney working on your case.  During your case evaluation we will also discuss the legal process and fair compensation for your injuries.

Meeting with the personal injury attorneys at Fisher Stark, P.A. for a case evaluation is a very important step and puts you on the path to securing legal compensation for your injuries.

When you come to our office you will greeted warmly and treated with respect.  We will stay in close touch with you about your case.  We are available to you if you have any questions or if a problem arises.

We proudly serve the communities of Western North Carolina including Buncombe County, Transylvania County, Haywood County, Henderson County and Catawba County.  Call today for your free case evaluation, 828.505.4300.

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