Whiplash Symptoms

Auto accidents happen every day, whether they are minor car accidents, or major ones.  A very common injury that results from a car wreck is whiplash.  Whiplash can be minor and resolve over the course of a few weeks, or it can be severe enough to cause partial disability.  Whiplash occurs when there is sudden deceleration, literally whipping the head forward and back, and can account for a range of neck injuries.  The inter-vertebral joints, located between vertebrae, discs and ligaments, cervical muscles and nerve roots are easily damaged when whiplash occurs.

Whiplash can be divided into two main categories. These include acute whiplash, in which hyperextension, hyper flexion or rotation of the neck may cause severe neck pain and other symptoms. The other type of whiplash includes chronic whiplash, in which the symptoms of whiplash persist for more than six months, are consistent and have a wide variety of other symptoms.

Symptoms of whiplash tend to develop about 24 hours after the accident. Some of the symptoms include:

  • neck pain and stiffness
  • tenderness along the back of the neck
  • difficulty in moving your head
  • headaches.
  • high levels of fatigue
  • blurred vision
  • memory problems
  • ringing in the ear
  • problems concentrating
  • trouble sleeping
  • irritability

The pain can also spread to the shoulders, arms and lower back. Moreover, your headache may become extremely painful. If any of these conditions occur you should see a doctor.

If you are experiencing these symptoms after an auto accident and visit a doctor they will examine for whiplash.  They may think it is necessary to wear a neck collar and take proper X-rays and MRI scans to ensure that everything is in proper condition.

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